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Kernel Software Suite

The functionality kernel of the WINPC32® is a suite of industrial software modules, all programmable and field proven, and is sufficient, in the aspect of functionality and performance, to perform nearly all the functions needed in industrial controls, HMI and general automation. Analogous to the role of Microsoft Office acting in the office PC, the industrial software suite in the WINPC32®, together with its robust, common memory management and real time kernel, will make system integrator easily complete his dedicated application in short time by configuring and programming the slected soft modules with his domain knowledge. The Soft-PLC, Soft-PID, Soft-motion controls, industrial network connectivity, SCADA engine and HMI will be introduced separately in the following.

  Soft-PLC Controls  
  Soft-PID Controls  
  Soft-Motion Controls
  SCADA Engine  
  HMI Module  
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Soft-Motion Controls

The Motion Controls Module in the WINPC32® encompasses most of the motion functions generally used in all industries. Because the foundation of it arises from CNC controls, our Soft Motion is very strong in high speed, high precision, multi-synchronous-axes, position based controls by using servos, electrical or hydraulic wise, and steppers. After being applied in packaging, printing, metal forming, seal and cut and many other general motion applications for many years, it performs synchronous functions such as E-CAM, E-Gearing and Registration well and is also equipped with many friendly editing and emulation utilities.
The major features are introduced in the following:
Motion Functions and Performance:

  • 32 coordinates, 32 axes
  • Point to point, linear, circular and helical moves
  • Work coordinates setting and maintenance
  • (Cutter) Radius and length compensation
  • Inch/metrics conversion, xy/yz/zx plane selection
  • Scaling, translation and rotation
  • Threading, tapping and drilling cycles
  • Operating modes includes manual, auto, home and editing
  • 250us-1ms block processing time
  • 200 blocks Look Ahead
  • Feed-forward with auto-tuning
  • Dual loop ball screw pitch compensation
  • Position synchronous ECAM and variable ECAM
  • Digital output sequence synchronous with position (Digital CAM)
  • E-gearing with real time adjustment on synchronization. The adjustment input may come from the position change of a third input source or by calculation
  • Registration with pre-specified path modification at interrupt
  • RS274 standard NC language with Custom MACRO capability as default
  • Be able to provide any customized conversational motion language through a customer defined motion language file

Editing Functionality:

  • Standard NC editor guided by graphical conversation
  • Teaching
  • DXF file conversion for motion planning under 2.5D
  • Capable of doing on line editing
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